Pedal Steel Guitar

I found a pedal steel guitar in my grandfather’s garage.

You may have heard of the steel guitar before. It still gets use in various genres and by various performers.

The steel guitar is actually Hawaiian in origin. There was a Hawaiian music craze in the 20s and 30s, so a few of those old Jimmie Rodgers songs even include a ukulele. There is also some speculation that blues slide guitarists picked up their technique from Hawaiian music, but that’s just one of several theories.

However, according to Bloodline the pedal steel guitar was developed by Alvino Rey, back in 1939 and played a role in country music well into the ’50s. Which would make sense since by the end of the 30s there would have already been nearly 20 years of inspiration.

My grandfather got the guitar because he was an active member in his church for many years. You may wonder why that makes sense but if you knew his church you would know that the church has a history of pedal steel players and it’s been a long tradition for a hundred years.

I never actually learned to play. But I would have loved to have gotten the chance to play with my grandpa. He was a little reserved, and really only played for the church, which I never got the chance to attend, different State, still I really I want to learn to play steel guitar one day, especially the pedal steel. Ever since I heard it I’ve loved the sound that it makes.

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